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Resistance & Solidarity events near Seattle


Helpful info when planning to attend Seattle’s protests that culminate near Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill.

Snacks and water are widely available around the park and at Vermillion & Barca. Medical assistance is available near Barca & Vermillion and from mobile folks self-identifying with red crosses on their packs and garments. Please take note of leadership; listen closely to what they say before you cheer or join in - not everyone with a megaphone is part of the unified message. 

Wear your masks; we’re still having a pandemic. 


Whom to call if arrested: 

425-224-5727: Lori J Guevara, PLLC offering pro-bono representation of arrested protestors

206-658-7963: National Lawyers Guild Seattle available to take calls for legal assistance

Bystander Resources: 



  • Portapotty’s; 11th & Olive

  • Annex Theater; 1100 E. Pike St

  • Bang; 723 E. Pike St

  • Rudy’s; 614 E. Pine St

  • ADA accessible bathrooms; 1801 12th Ave


Financial Donation for Food & Medical Supplies (10th & Pike and Cal Anderson Baseball Field Locations):







Financial Donation for Food & Medical Supplies (Vermillion & Barca Locations):

Paypal: 1futurecrystals1






**Also be sure to check the #seattleprotest hashtag on twitter for announcements and folks asking for assistance**



Aggregate Feed with Police Scanner Audio:


Omari Salisbury:



Joey Wieser:



Future Crystals (Instagram):


Kince de Vara



Jessica Frost (Bird’s Eye View):



Shane Wahlund (Bird’s Eye View):



John Mitchell (from behind the police barricade):


Supply Hubs ARE CURRENTLY STOCKED: BRING NOTHING BUT FRESH FOOD AS OF JUNE 10TH (Near Ranch Bravo, Vermillion, and in Cal Anderson):

From 12p-5p until further notice, you can head there to drop off any of the supplies listed below or restock anything you need. 




  • Bottled drinking water (small bottles preferable to liter or gallon jugs)

  • energy bars (Larabar, chewy, etc)

  • squeeze-able apple sauce packets,

  • hard candies with high sugar (jolly ranchers, etc) for small burst of energy and/or diabetics.

(Think stuff someone could consume rapidly while on the move with one hand.)



  • Masks (single-use, handmade, even bandannas work)

  • Hand sanitizer 

  • Gloves (nitrile is best but latex works too. If you can put a pair into a single Ziploc bag this helps greatly. We can store the zips in our kits and pull out just the pair we need without having to dig them out of a box. potentially contaminating them or destroying the box)

  • Eyewash solution in small water bottles with eyewash written on it, preferably ones with sport-tops for easy squeezing (Saline is the best & least abrasive to soft tissue, 2tsp salt per Liter of water.)

*Please do not bring milk. The containers are hard to operate one-handed & milk spoils when left out in the sun all day & then it's not usable. Also, we won't have time to mix stuff on-site so please don't bring canisters of salt/baking soda/liquid antacid to us during the protest. Pre-mix it for us.*

Medical Supplies:

  • Antiseptic Wipes

  • Sterile pads

  • Gauze wrap

  • Medical tape,

  • Bandaids from standard to large

  • Wound wash spray

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